I want to work with our team of councilors to make this town the very best it can be.


Elizabeth Rogers Gemeroy

Elizabeth was raised in Newberg, thrived in the public school system and attended George Fox University. Her father, Bill Rogers was a teacher at Rene, and Mountain View Middle Schools and then an administrator at Chehalem Valley Middle School and Catalyst Alternative High School.  

She worked in her family's shop, Chapters Books and Coffee with her mother, Maureen Rogers and siblings Meghan Czarnecki, Cole and Courtney Rogers starting at age 14. Elizabeth started her career in Portland, then Corvallis, but always had the goal of returning to her beloved community. She now lives with her husband, Jon, and dog, Tonks, in their home in West Newberg.  


As a resident of Newberg for nearly 25 years, I have a vested interest in seeing this town thrive. I grew up among the filbert orchards that are now housing developments. I got my education in our schools. My family owns three small businesses in our area and I've worked to support my family in our workforce.  

I've watched Newberg grow over the years through the sacrifice of many who labor with current residents and future generations in mind. I'd like to contribute my expertise to serve this beautiful community.  

With a population that is growing at a quickened pace, an affordable housing crisis, and a large budget deficit, Newberg is at a critical crossroads. We need to foster diversity in our leadership. We need to encourage affordable housing solutions. We need to promote police engagement over enforcement.  

We must create solid infrastructure to promote small business in our downtown and serve the Riverfront development project. We must learn from the process of phase one of the bypass and move forward wisely with phase two.  

With my degree in Community Development and over 10 years of experience working in the field, I am equipped to take on our community's issues. I want to work with our team of councilors to make this town the very best it can be.  

And I want to work with you. Our town cannot thrive without engaged citizens. Will you connect with others in your neighborhood? Will you volunteer your skills and knowledge on committees and in our community? Will you vote in local elections? Will you join me in making Newberg all it can be? 


This is a community effort!

Want to volunteer to phone bank or door knock? 

Sign-up today! 

Even Tonks will be helping us pound the pavement and who doesn't want to volunteer with a dog as cute as she is?!




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